Pre-Reg is the year we aim for when we start university. We want to finish and pass each year so we can get to that year where we can start our future.

Why pay £300 for a mock exam when you can have the whole course delivered to you for that price + an online mock exam so you DO NOT have to attend an off site venue

Pre-reg over the last few years has become very exam focused leaving less time for all the other important aspects you need to prepare yourself for, for when you qualify as a pharmacist. With this in mind this is why we are offering a pre start up on it enabling you to get access to information before the year starts, getting yourself prepared, full of knowledge, raring to go putting it all into practice.

Here at PharmaMastery Pre-reg is a very tailored approach towards it, we don’t just focus on the exam, we focus on the WHOLE picture! So that when you qualify you know how to tackle any aspect that can occur in pharmacy.

We are preparing you to be the best of the best!

You are the future, the next generation….the standard for this is HIGH!

Here are the following points we will cover in the PRE-REG Course:


  • Your year as overview
  • Competencies
  • Balancing work with study
  • Tips and tricks-do not fall into bad habits
  • GPHC
  • Revision calendar
  • OTC scenarios
  • law
  • Dispensing scenarios
  • RP
  • Services -mur/nms/flu/minor ailment/supervision/needle exchange etc
  • Managing a team
  • Stepping out from student to lead
  • Preparing for the future-managing it all
  • Exam prep
  • Mentoring
  • calculations
  • Mock exam
  • Constructive feedback

Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons Time: 12 weeks
  • Competency Collation  We help speed up the process of you collecting and mastering your competency skills 0/1

  • Pre-reg Calculations  We give you regular calculations to allow you the practice time that you need 0/1

  • Revision Calender  We help set out your calendar for 12 weeks before your exam- taking the stress out of organisation 0/1

  • Online Mock Exam  Instead of coming out to a venue, we give you the opportunity to have the mock exam digitally or sent out to you via post. 0/1

  • Coaching & Mindset  Pre-reg is a stressful time, everything falls down to this last exam. We want you to stay focused so that you can control the emotions that you will feel along the way 0/1

  • OTC  OTC is one of the key focuses for the pre-reg exam. Here we will give you scenarios where you can test your clinical knowledge 0/1

  • Law & Ethics  law and ethics fall as part of daily life as a pharmacist. Do you understand the law side? Here we take the jargon out and make the learning side of it more fun 0/1

  • Services  Learning about the services we offer in pharmacy, the SOP behind them, putting them to practice. How to engage with your customers and raise awareness 0/1

  • Managing a team  We don't get taught skills like this at university. In a pharmacy we can be in charge of 3-15 members of staff. Learn how to lead the team, adapt to change, and show results 0/1

  • Preparing for life as a newly qualified  Pre-reg is more than just the exam, its the WHOLE picture. It is all about learning and exposing yourself to new learning because that is how we learn more. Your pre-reg year should be focusing on these as well as how you will manage as a newly qualified pharmacist 0/1

  • Common Questions & Concerns from Pre-reg students  A list of the common concerns and queries pre-reg students have 0/1



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