We hear or read the word OSCE and there is immediate dread and panic that appears.

OSCE are becoming a favorite way of testing knowledge and there is more than one type.

Why do we have OSCE exams?

They are designed to see what relevant information you can pick up, work out, analyse and ultimately treat the patient with.

OSCE exams are hard core, intense… a good work out for our brain.

Here at PharmaMastery we want you to be prepared, so that you go into that exam room confident for success!

The following course will be broken down into these sections:

  • Overview of OSCE
  • Different types of OSCE
  • Challenges
  • Tips
  • Quiz – OSCE scenarios (Community, Hospital, Clinical Interventions & Professional Decision Making based questions)

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons / 2 quizzes Time: 4 weeks
  • Overview of OSCE  What are OSCE exams and why do we have to do them 0/0

  • Different types of OSCE  How many types are there? 0/1

  • Challenges  What are the Challenges you will face in an OSCE exam and what tips can we give you to help get you through it 0/0

  • OTC scenarios  Put your learning into practice with our OTC scenarios. Based on the information provided you will get to test your knowledge of when to refer and who to, what medication would be safe to give and the option of asking for additional information 0/1

  • Clinical Interventions  This area we break up into clinical interventions that you would see on prescriptions, in hospital wards. You get to diagnose and explain your reasoning's and what treatment should be offered at what dose 0/1

  • Professional Decision Making  Everyday is always a new learning day. As a pharmacist, you are there by yourself making decision on a daily basis. These decisions have an impact on you, your career, your staff and importantly your customers. Be sure to be confident with your law and ethics, so put it to practice in our OSCE stations 0/1



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