Interviews are paramount, there is no way in this day and age you will get a job without an interview, especially in pharmacy.

We have interviews to see how well you do under pressure, how well you articulate yourself and test your experience around competencies and core values.

With ORIEL,  summer placements, pre-reg and more importantly a part/full time job as a pharmacist or student you cannot escape a stage without an interview.

Our research and university feedback has shown us that students are struggling getting places due to their lack of experience in conducting interviews. This is affecting their ORIEL stages, their summer placements and then pre-reg.

Imagine what that would do to your confidence?!

We want to see you succeed, develop confidence and build upon experience so that you can walk out of your interview knowing that you executed it well.


Your interview will be tailored to the year that you are currently in

You will have a FREE needs assessment prior to the interview assessing your needs, developments and requirements so that your interview can be tailored to the field you are interested in


The following points are what will be included within this course package:

  • CV
  • Templates and examples
  • Mock interview
  • Max 45 minutes
  • Presentation included-timed
  • Competency based questions
  • Constructive feedback
  • Tips and tricks for success-practice makes perfect –confidence



Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 45 minutes
  • CV Prep  We want your CV to STAND OUT, making your profile unique increasing opportunity for call back on interview 0/1

  • Competency Based Questions  Pharmacy interviews are heavily based on competencies and the examples you provide. This shows managers, your understanding, application and knowledge 0/1

  • 10 min Presentation with questions  Give you a chance to articulate a chosen title for 10 minutes, It tests your confidence, knowledge and communication skills as well as understanding of the title given to you. Your understanding is then tested further with questions following the presentation 0/1

  • Clinical Test  Involves a series of clinical questions, may involve some mathematical elements 0/1

  • Constructive Feedback  Gives you a chance to receive some constructive feedback from an experienced pharmacist so that you know what areas need developing 0/1



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  • FREE needs assessment
  • First half hour is FREE
  • Interview- competency based
  • Presentation-10 minutes
  • Constructive Feedback