Pre-Reg is the year we aim for when we start university. We want to finish and pass each year so we can get to that year where we can start our future.

Pre-reg over the last few years has become very exam focused leaving less time for all the other important aspects you need to prepare yourself for, for when you qualify as a pharmacist.

With this in mind this is why we are offering a pre-startup on it enabling you to get access to information before the year starts, getting yourself prepared, full of knowledge, raring to go putting it all into practice.

Here at PharmaMastery Pre-reg is a very tailored approach towards it, we don’t just focus on the exam, we focus on the WHOLE picture! So that when you qualify you know how to tackle any aspect that can occur in pharmacy.

We are preparing you to be the best of the best!

You are the future, the next generation….the standard for this is HIGH!

The Pre-reg Collection gives you all the tools you need to help ensure your year is successful!

The following is included in the collection

  • 12 weeks program

  • Mock exam

  • Revision Calendar

  • OSCE questions

  • OTC

  • Calcualtions

  • Clinical Content

  • Law & Ethics

  • Revision Cards

  • Mentoring

  • Mindset

  • Competency collection- advice/tips

  • Preparation for next career steps

We want to help you pass first time round, having mastered your key life skills & competencies the aim is for you to focus on the task at hand and that’s being a pharmacist…..not a student.

We want the head out of books and to build real life experience and exposure. Having best use for your position, to show skills such as leadership, p&l, customer focus (assessment/therapy/monitoring).


Be who you were meant to be….Dream it…..Believe it…..See the SUCCESS of hard work pay off- Raj Bains




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