Welcome to our PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (P.D.P) Collection

Here at PharmaMastery we are striving for pharmacy students to stand out from competition, we want your skills to shine through.

We are all unique, we all learn in different ways

If we learn in different ways…..then why are we taught the same way?

Here we will help show/guide you through your learning style and tailor/recommend courses for your unique style.

Maximise your learning capabilities….learn fast…..efficiently and more importantly effectively.

Re-witting lecture notes is not an effective way of learning, understanding and application of the topic at hand.

Understand what you are learning, as it will allow application of the topic in a much more effective manner

It allows for successful application in an:

  • OSCE exam

  • Customer Consultation

  • Modular exams

  • Pre-reg

  • Prescription assessment

  • Services- mur/nms

At PharmaMastery everything is BESPOKE and UNIQUE, your P.D.P is unique to you alone. Your plan will allow you to build a portfolio to a high standard, enables successful interview applications and helps build you towards a fantastic career as a pharmacist.

Your P.D.P is the foundation to your training, it bridges the gap between education and application.  Your career and education is like a pyramid, you have to have a solid foundation to your training and understanding in order to build upon it.

Having these areas mastered will enable you to focus on important tasks at hand. You will be able to go into your pre-reg year more confidently and qualify with more experience and knowledge than some of the managers that are out there at the moment.

Your P.D.P we will cover the following:

  • Learning NEEDS assessment

  • Learning Style

  • One2One

  • Crash Course

  • Leadership

  • Advance Career

  • Creative Learning- Podcast, Coding & Design

Why conform to what society wants, be true to you and your skills. There is a place for your passion ,style & unique skill -set within the profession.  We will help get you to the place you need to be for a successful professional career – Raj Bains

Learning NEEDS assessment Free
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Learning NEEDS assessment

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We get you to formulate a plan of how to develop your career within the profession, what steps you need to take and essentially help build a solid foundation to your training.

Learning Styles-What’s Yours? Free
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Learning Styles-What’s Yours?

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We are all made of the same materials….bones and tissues BUT we have a distinct difference……WE are all DIFFERENT!

We think differently

Act Differently

Dress differently

Eat differently

So why would we LEARN the same way?

How can we learn the same way when we are all different?

Coding Free
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Are you a student that loves to code? or Are you fascinated with how code can be used within pharmacy?   Limited spaces available, get in touch to find out how you can make a difference to the profession and do what you love at the same time! Enroll to…

Design Free
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Pharmacy is such a diverse profession where your passion can be incorporated within career. Fond of writing but couldn’t see how you could make a living on it. Here at PharmaMastery we don’t discriminate on passions, we see them as UNIQUE skill set that is required within our profession. We…