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We have among us some experienced pharmacists and professionals that want to give back but dont know how?

Here at PharmaMastery we encourage you to take a step forward and pass on your learning and knowledge to the next generation by creating you very own courses.

Intructor Rules

You have become an expert in your field, you want to give back and help the next generation but don't know how to.<br /> Here we provide that bridge gap for you and give you a platform to release course content.

Step 1

Register to the platform and tick the option of becoming an instructor.

Step 2

Await your request outcome from the Admin team, not just anyone can join and all instructors are vetted to ensure credibility

Step 3

Upon confirmation you can start designing and creating your course modules.

Step 4

Upload your course, you decide the price!


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I’m a student that wants to work in hospital, I want to gain access to training and development specific for hospital so that i can excel in my learning and ace my interviews