About us

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Vision & Mission

What we stand for and see for the future

PharmaMastery is an online student portal for education & excellence where we re-engineer & reignite passion to be unique, developing mastery for their profession

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Support Network

Build Peer Support

Here at PharmaMastery we work with you at every step to ensure you are supported at every stage throughout your student career up until the day you are a qualified pharmacist.
There are many changes each year and can feel overwhelming to keep up and ensure you pass each year with the grades you deserve.

We want you to succeed as you are the pharmacists of tomorrow!
Ensuring you have a solid foundation to your career!

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Turning ME into WE

You learn to collaborate and turn ME into WE.

We all have different strengths and skills, work together to achieve desired results and new skills.

Our forums and events encourage engagement allowing you to build rapport, increase network and learn new skills.

This is a journey you do not have to do alone!

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Master Your Uniqueness

Stand Out From the Crowd

You are all unique in your own ways, learn how to master those skills to become the MASTER in that field, to stand out from the crowd-be that yellow umbrella in a crowd of grey.
Ask yourself what is your USP (unique selling point)?
With thousands of new graduates each year, how can you help yourself stand out? What hidden talents do you have that will be of value to the profession?

Here at PharmaMastery we encourage you to follow your passions and strengths as the world will always need your unique skills!

Our Service Categories

Bringing out your Unique Skills


Improved skills and life competencies aiding your development through the profession


Our bespoke learning packages are designed to allow you to learn in different ways that suit your learning styles.

We are all UNIQUE so why learn the same way


Build upon your knowledge with our courses aiding your academia studies, giving you that head start to stand out from the crowd.


Our discussion feature and one-to-ones are designed for constructive feedback, aiding in your personal development journey.


Our membership features allow you private access to additional courses, designed to make you stand out. Out platform allows you to gain access from laptops to phones via an app

5 Year Coverage

The only platform that covers you for the full 5 years of your pharmacy degree, wanting you to succeed. Graduating with key life skills and competencies, giving you a solid foundation to start up on your career

"PharmaMastery is simple to use, key elements have reduced my revision time"
" I've been able to develop my skills to help get a job, which aids putting my knowledge into practice- PharmaMastery teaches you things not taught at university"
" The job and work experience listings has made it easy for us, having students and watching them develop is a way of giving back. We have never been short staffed since"