How to be productive and get loads done yet be lazy

Being lazy is strategical, by taking regular breaks through the day.

Taking breaks is vital for keeping your brain health and being productive throughout the day as you work far more intensely in short periods of time.

High quality work produced=time spent*intensity focus

As much as we would like to see ourselves as computers, we are sadly not! Pushing yourself hard for too long you risk burn out

For cognitive function you require two types of breaks

  1. Tiny breaks- 5/10minutes let you move away, get mentally refreshed.
  2. Long breaks-30/60 minutes where you disconnect completely from what you are doing.

Only way this is going to work and stop you from binge watching a TV series is by

  1. Schedule out your day and slot in when your long breaks will be, this helps get rid of guilt and you know exactly when your working. With planed breaks you’ll be motivated and determined to complete as much as possible before a break. planned breaks create time pressure that helps you work faster and more intensely
  2. Tiny breaks aka breathers are important for you to get a mental break/refresh. In order for this to work I suggest you get up and move away from your work space and walk around/stretches. Get a drink of water, healthy snack and get some mental clarity and disengage
  3. What you should not do– check social media/emails/distractible websites in your tiny breaks.by doing this you’ll be moving from one big task to another and you are essentially moving from one source of work to another. Switching between them means your minds starts to think of new ideas/problems that weigh on your working tension and working memory. These new problems and ideas don’t go away they create tension residue and affect productivity and flow state.
  4. Social media and distracting websites can turn a 5 min break into a 30 min break-these websites are designed and algorithm to suck you in.
  5. Go for walks outside-mentally f=drained and unmotivated always lifts mood and get to good flow of working. We are not made for sitting in our chairs 8 hours of the day. On the plus side from getting outside you get a good dose of vitamin D-well on a good day! Everyday you should try to aim for at least one break that involves you going outside.
  6. Experiment with your work and break time intervals – many things on google that suggest theirs is the best. Only through trial and error will you know the right one for you and your productivity. I personally believe the length that you can work is built on training the correct muscle. You could be new to this so I suggest work your way up from something small or you may be a productivity master and work for an hour.

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